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  • October 11, 2021 2:25 am
  • Cocoa Beach, Florida
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SL: Podcasts shown to cause disastrous damage to Focus

Preview: Podcasts and self-help books are destroying your ability to manifest

Have you listened to a Podcast lately?

Or do you have a book sitting in the room you’re in now…

that was supposed to change your life?

You can even see it from where you’re sitting, can’t you?

Listen, if you aren’t making at least 250K per year, or in the best shape of your life, or working a career you love, or in the relationship you always dreamed of having..



-what you’re doing RIGHT NOW…

Back away from the podcast…

Put down the self-help book…

You need to go back to the basics.


My friend Wesley Virgin is an expert in helping everyone,

I’m talking from people who read or meditate or pray for hours a day

To non-spiritual people who have never read a whole book, or meditated-EVER(!!!)

…achieve what they want through his exact methods he used to go from broke to making over 1MM in 30 days.

He isn’t a guru.

He isn’t a celebrity (yet)

He’s a regular black guy that grew up in the southern United States

That learned… through YEARS of trouble and poverty…

How to reprogram his mind to make him a successful multi-millionaire.

Now you can too.  Just click here to see how Wes did it.