New and Used Shipping Container Office / Accommodation / Site Office

  • September 8, 2021 8:44 pm
  • Bloomfield, New Jersey


  • Category : Industry Machinery & Tools
  • Condition : New


CONTAINER HQ LLC is a “Registered Company Seller”. 40 ‘high cube shipping container. Air conditioning, electrical and dash, many plugs, lighting, Diking 7kw air conditioning, sliding doors with wires to all doors. Nothing spared in this equipment. Stairs to the roof (40 ‘terrace), which has already installed flooring and marine carpet, with the ability to place pool fences on existing fixtures.

All of our cargo-worthy sea cans are windproof loaded
10 ‘/ 3M Open Side Container
10 ‘/ 3M Open Top Container
Standard 10 ‘/ 3 Containers
10ft container with roll-up door/garage doors
10ft mobile office
20 ‘/ 6M Open Side Container
20ft / 6m Open Top Container
Standard 20 ‘/ 6 Containers
20ft container with roll-up door/garage doors
20ft Mobile Office Container
Standard 40ft Containers
40ft container with roll-up door/garage doors
40ft Mobile Office Containers
40 ‘/ 12M Side Open Container
40ft / 12m Open Top Container

53ft container with roll-up door/garage doors
53ft Mobile Office Containers
53 ft Open Side Container
53ft open top container
Transportation is available at cost. You won’t find a better configuration than this tall bucket shipping container. Send us a text message or call us at (229) 258-3933